Welcome to Capital Waxing Salon, Washington DC’s favorite spot to get smoothed all year round. Capital Waxing Salon is located inside of Washington Square. At Capital Waxing Salon , we are committed to making your time with us extraordinary and memorable. Our motto is “Thorough, Gentle, and Hygienic”. That is something that has shaped our vision at Capital Waxing Salon.  Importantly, we always strive to preserve our motto for years to come.  Your experience with Capital Waxing Salon begins the moment you schedule your appointment.  Our online booking system will get you booked swift as a breeze. You might be nervous being a first time waxer or might have had a bad waxing experience in the past.  We promise all your fears will fade away at Capital Waxing Salon. Our receptionists are incredibly warm and friendly.  No question is too personal or too embarrassing at Capital Waxing Salon. Trust us; we have heard it all before! After you schedule your appointment, either by phone or online, it’s time to come and see us! Walk through our door and you’ll experience what makes Capital Waxing Salon so special. You’ll be greeted warmly by one of our fabulous receptionists. You’ll be led to our lounge where you can relax or read a magazine. Your esthetician will greet you and show you to a waxing room, which is immaculate and private. After answering any questions, your wax will begin. You’ll be astounded by how comfortable you will feel, and how gentle the wax will be. In no time, your wax will be complete, and you will be a wax convert. More importantly, you will be a Capital Waxing Salon convert. Capital Waxing Salon is more than just your typical salon: it’s a culture. We love what we do, and it shows. We are a group of talented estheticians that honors two things in common: we love to wax and we love to satisfy our clients. Visit us at Capital Waxing Salon and see for yourself how different a waxing experience can be. Our wax pots are always on and waiting for your visits. One visit and you will see: it’s the best wax you’ll ever have. Thorough, Gentle, and Hygienic!